Saturday in an Alternate Universe

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Felt inspired and really shopping-esque this morning, so we headed out bright and early. There’s no point in shopping when I’m not in the mood, because everything is completely ugly. Today, definitely in the mood.

Having said that, when we got to the mall, we somehow arrived in an alternate universe. Don’t believe me? Thanks to Andy’s new favorite toy (his iPhone), I have photographic proof. I hereby submit two items into evidence.

Item 1: the iPod vending machine. I kid you not. Tripped over this in Macys of all places. Apparently the fact that there’s a huge Apple store at the other end of the mall should not stop you from buying a iPod out of a vending machine in Macys.

Item 2: Mannequin crime scene. There’s no way anything normal leaves this kind of shrapnel.

I rest my case.