Welcome to the Swamp

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I had a good look at my Etsy shop this weekend, and realized that I have quite a few pieces that I still haven’t listed. I’m all backed up on my photography. So I set aside the morning to photograph some pieces.

I was on a roll and feeling really happy, right up until lunchtime, when my kitchen sink backed up. It’s not draining
at all. Not even a little. So I now have a swamp in my kitchen sink. I thought if I could just fix this, it would go away. So I tried plunging it. Of course, all that happened is that water backed up out of my air gap. If I’ve plugged that, my dishwasher will start backing up next. Lovely. Apparently I’m some kind of domestic antichrist.

Off to have some lunch. Followed by fudge. Maybe a sugar high will make this all look manageable…