Why I Love People Watching

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I popped out the side door of our building yesterday, dogs in tow, running late as usual. And immediately slammed to a halt to avoid running into… Three guys. Big, tough, muscular guys. Probably in their early 20s. And the one nearest me had, tucked in his arm… this fluffy little white dog. They, in all their hipster glory, were heading for the dog park. All three of them. With their fluffy little white dog.

One of the things I love about living in the city is people watching. And the opportunity for random entertainment to occur at any moment. I remember walking to the grocery store a few years back. I was all of a half block from my place. And just ahead of me, crossing the street, was a guy wearing his boxers. Just his boxers. No shoes, no shirt, no pants. But he was mincing along in his invisible high heels, carrying his invisible handbag, and probably wearing some fabulous invisible designer gown. Gotta love it.