Rolling the Day Away

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We dragged our fabulous Landrollers out of storage bright and early today and wavered around town. We can just rollerblade out the door here, so there’s no excuse for not going out, except that we’re kind of like a clown circus on wheels at the moment. Ergo the bright and early - the less witnesses the better.

If you’ve not seen Landrollers before, you’re not alone. We spend so much time explaining them, I’m thinking about handing out information sheets. We first saw them on the Dog Whisperer. Cesar Millan wears them when he’s running the dogs. They really are as cool as they look - nice smooth action, and you don’t take a header every time you hit a rock. We actually rollerbladed down the hall on the carpet, and believe me, it wasn’t because my technique was so good that I stayed on my feet! But practice makes perfect, so off we roll.

At the moment I’m tentative rolling interlaced with windmilling arm incidents. I dream of someday being one of those whizzy people that go zooming by, all grace and elegance and speed…