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I have a studio. A nice one, in a building full of artists’ studios, in a cool part of town. I used it a lot last year, for sculpting. But these days I’m buried in jewelry, and I find I just prefer to work at home. I’ve always skipped from task to task, and I’m happiest popping back and forth between design, marketing, fabrication, and playing the guitar, with plenty of time for chai breaks.

So I’m shutting down my poor unloved studio this month, and shoehorning my jewelry studio into my small loft. So far it’s fitting nicely into the corners and crannies. You can see my fabulous new Foredom flexshaft, dangling from (yes, it is) my tripod, with my photography light folded up behind it. That table you see is a worktable, a mailing/order tracking table, a photography studio, and (rarely) the kitchen table, all in one. It’s so me! And as long as Andy keeps putting up with it, I’ll keep finding unused corners of the loft and shoehorning in my studio.