Nie Nie Benefit Sale

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In love with my Forged Open Hoops? You can get yourself a pair and get that warm fuzzy feeling at the same time at Tuesday’s Nie Nie Benefit Sale! I’ve donated 10 pairs of my Forged Open Hoops for the last day of the sale, and they’ll be listed with a lot of other really great handcrafted pieces. The sale goes live tomorrow at 7:00 pm PST. Details about the sale are available here.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Nie Nie’s story, Nie Nie (Stephanie Nielson) is an Etsy supporter who has a very popular blog, The Nie Nie Dialogues (they’re reposting reader’s favorite articles at the moment). She and her husband were in a plane crash back in August. Nie Nie was burned over 80% of her body, Christian over 30% of his body. They’re both still hanging on (Christian’s awake now, Nie Nie is still in a medically induced coma), but their medical bills, obviously, are going to be astronomical. So the Etsy community has pulled together with a series of fundraisers. And I wanted to help, so I’m sending off 10 pairs of my Forged Open Hoops.

Of course you may have heard about Nie Nie and Christian already on the Today Show, or in one of the many other TV, radio, Internet, and newspaper articles about them. You can read more about Nie Nie’s ties to Etsy in this Storque article, or follow her progress and get updates on her children from her sister Courtney’s blog C Jane Enjoy It.

Get your at the
tomorrow at 7 pm PST.

*Image of Nie Nie and Christian from Blue Lily Photography