A Comedy of Errors

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“Let’s take the curtains down now!” I crowed in a spurt of excitement. “Then once the blinds are in, we’ll be done!”

“You know, let’s just wait until the blinds are in,” said Andy, the Voice of Caution. “I’d hate to have to put the curtains back up if something goes wrong.”

Ah Voice of Caution. That day you were the Voice of Doom…

This was supposed to be a triumphal post about how months after ordering fabulous in-window blinds to replace my old ragged curtains, I finally had them installed yesterday. I’ve been overly excited about these blinds. They’re chic, they’re slick, they can’t get dirty because they’re inside the windows, and the dogs can’t sit on them and pull the curtain rods down. These blinds would fix every problem and cure every disease. They would be the best!

Now I could tell you everything that went wrong yesterday, but that would take about three pages. So on the theory that a picture paints a thousand words…

The reason that the blinds on the right-hand door aren’t open is because they can’t be opened. And yes, my windows look like a checkerboard. I can see you wondering how this happened. Apparently it’s a combination of the original estimator ordering the wrong things, the woman in charge of my order being laid off, the new woman in charge of my order being pissed off about having twice her old workload, and the factory sending broken pieces. How long until this is fixed? If I’m very, very lucky, 6 weeks. Of course, that’s Christmas time, so more likely January.

I will now go laugh, or cry, or maybe just drink some tea.