Very Captive Bead Rings

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Finally, a new design in my body jewelry line! I love the look of captive bead rings, so I decided to design a version of my Curls with a captive bead. The bead on these is made by melting the end of a piece of sterling silver or solid 14k gold wire. They’re really fun to make - the molten silver (or gold) actually crawls up the wire to form the bead. And my timing has to be just perfect on when I make them - there’s a fine line between making the perfect bead and watching it drip (splat!) onto the fire brick.

I like to think of these as very captive bead rings. These beads won’t pop out and roll under the bed (or under a car) because they’re still attached at one end. They have really nice texture from being heat forged, and each bead is unique. Once the bead has cooled, I cut the wires to length, file the ends, and make the hoops. Then I tumble polish them until they’re nice and shiny and ready to go!

I made the 9mm version first because they’re so versatile - great as cartilage hoops, perfect as nose rings, and beautiful as tiny, discreet earrings for your main piercings. I’ll be making solid 14k gold ones in the 9mm size next, and then 7mm, 13mm, and 18mm versions in both silver and gold to match my Curls collection.

Of course, just like with my Curls line, I can make these in a variety of gauges and sizes. Just let me know what you’re looking for. I’ve already made Curls in everything from 16 to 22 gauge for a whole variety of cartilage piercings as well as for nose rings, lip rings and… well, anything you can think of!

Want some for yourself? You can find these in my shop.