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“I think she’s going deaf,” Andy said, staring critically at Ditto.

“Really?” I said. “How can you tell?”

Ditto danced around, tail going madly, a comical expression on her face. “They’re looking at me!”, I’m sure she was thinking. “The world is FANTASTIC!”

You have to understand, Ditto has always been a goofball. I’ve always thought of Ditto like Odie in the Garfield cartoons. Everyone else gets a lightbulb when they have an idea. Ditto gets a flickery little candle.

She’s never really gotten the concept that we say something, and then she does something. We’ve had to train her using hand signals. But honestly, we’ve never cared. How can you be mad at a face like that?

I do think he’s right, though. It explains why recently she’s been running around the house madly looking for me, when I’m standing in the middle of the kitchen talking to Andy. Here I just thought she was carrying on the British tradition of eccentricity…