Strange but True Stories

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I’m being featured in a blog in a few weeks, and one of the interview questions was to list three strange or interesting facts about myself. I know you’re desperately curious to know just how much stranger I can be (can I possibly be stranger?), and I know that curiosity killed the cat, and for all I know there may be a cat following my blog. So I see this preliminary release of information as a public service to all you cats out there. See? I’m saving lives!

Strange fact #1: I used to work at a wildlife refuge. I have the craziest pictures of myself with tigers and wolves and cougars. I used to go down and take naps with my favorite wolf, Erie, at lunchtime. I’m guessing that’s not a normal way to spend lunch hour?

Strange fact #2: I may be the only American who doesn’t drink soda or coffee or beer. I hate anything carbonated, and I never developed a taste for coffee or beer. You can find me swigging apple juice, chai, or red wine instead. Well, hopefully more sipping than swigging with the wine.

Strange fact #3: I was a sculptor before I ever started making jewelry. When I was a kid, my brother was always drawing, but I was making little worlds out of Play-doh in shoeboxes. Give me a hunk of clay, and you’ll have a sculpture in no time at all! I currently have a line of sculptures sitting on top of my kitchen cabinets, waiting for me to find a kiln to fire them.

The photo is of me (several years back) with my 10 month old cougar. Cougars are the biggest cats that can purr, and boy are they loud! They sound like little motors running.