Dog Days

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I’ve been running around with my iPhone camera taking tons of photos every day, due to my crazy spur-of-the-moment decision to join Project 365 this year. This, of course, results in tons of photos of my very photogenic dogs. So I thought I’d share a couple with y’all to brighten up your Monday. They should be worth a couple of smiles!

This is Ditto’s favorite position to sleep in - with one leg up in the air. Presumably she’s hoping someone will walk by and pet her. Occasionally it actually happens. And Ditto is nothing if not an optimist.

Kenya with her backpack, standing sentry duty at the coffee shop. Kenya takes sentry duty very seriously. We’ve yet to convince her that we don’t need guarding. Yes, our local coffee shop allows dogs inside. It’s like a mini dog park in there. When you get to the cash register, they even feed treats to your dogs. I’m sure this violates every known Health Department regulation, particularly as they serve a full breakfast there. And I’m sure they’ll get shut down eventually. But we’re enjoying it while it lasts!

I have to say this iPhone camera is darn good for catching candid photos. No one sees them coming - not even the dogs!