Of Beer and iPhones

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I’ve picked up a new phone in the usual way. You know, Andy got tired of his phone and bought himself a new one. And I inherited the old one. But this time it’s… an iPhone.

Mind you, I’m not sure this is as big of a deal for me as it would be for most people. It’s nice to have my music with me and there are some really funny apps on it, too (like Moo and Shazam). But I rarely carry a phone. I hate being reachable all the time. I remember when I saw my first cell phone. I thought, what a terrible idea. Who wants to be reachable all the time? (Apparently everyone but me.)

The camera is good fun, though. I like how you can shoot from angles that would be really difficult with a regular camera, although getting the focus where you want it can be a pain. Oh, can you tell what Andy had with his lunch?