I Have Evidence

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Finally, I have evidence that I have, indeed, been working my patootie off for the last month. As proof, I submit into evidence one (1) photo of my Full Heart Open Hoops and one (1) photo of my Full Heart Charm Bracelet. I’m attempting to get one new design photographed a day. At least I managed to get my Valentines jewelry designed and made before Valentine’s Day this year! Last year’s designs never made it out of my sketchbook.

So I went and had that facial yesterday, which I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about. It was… relaxing. And nice. And very interesting to try out. Having said that… well maybe I’m just a real miser, but I can’t see myself doing it again. Because it was really, really expensive. I kept thinking to myself “stay in the moment!” But these little thoughts of “I’m sure I could do this myself at home much cheaper” just kept sneaking their way in. I felt the same way the one time I went for a manicure. I’ll obviously never make a Hollywood celebrity, or even a Footballer’s Wife.

And now, I can hear rain coming down. So like a good daughter of the desert, I’m off to go stare out the window in awe before it stops raining…