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I was having a creative day yesterday, when the ideas were spilling out of my head faster than I could track them. Jewelry designs. Photography ideas. Ideas! They were all brilliant!

The problem was, I needed to be having a productive day. A day where I pounded out a bunch of orders. Because there’s a pile of orders sitting on my table, waiting to be filled. Glaring at me balefully, every time I walk by, making me feel guilty.

It’s really hard to be productive on a creative day. I kept catching myself staring off into the distance, daydreaming about this fabulous new bracelet design, or this spectacular concept for the day’s photograph, with absolutely no idea how much time had passed.

Well, at least I got something done yesterday, even if it wasn’t half of what I’d planned to do. I must have accomplished something, because I mailed out a stack of orders this morning. And I got a fantastic photo out of it, too. Wouldn’t it be great if there were two of me? Or… maybe not. I think perhaps one of me is all the world can take.