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“So I was heading out to get a chai, and I saw this kinda geeky guy wearing… a kilt!”

“A kilt?” Andy said, sounding surprised. Probably because it was just above freezing in Seattle.

“Oh yeah,” I replied, “A kilt. But not just a kilt, this was a khaki kilt. And not just a khaki kilt. This was a khaki kilt worn down low. You know, like hipsters?”

We decided this kid must be a radical artist type making a statement. So I was even more confused when I spotted a pretty hot, well built guy in a khaki kilt
the next morning. And his kilt looked like he’d been doing construction in it. Was there some kind of club? A cult? Of kilt wearers? In Seattle?

Luckily I spotted the Utilikilts store before I spotted the third guy. Apparently kilts are in style at the moment in Seattle. Which is good to know, cos the third guy I saw was a balding, chubby guy in an olive green kilt. Which would have really confused me if I’d seen him first.