Jellyfish and Bubbles

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I started playing with these little silver balls yesterday. I love the three dimensional quality of them, and the playfulness they add to designs. Not to mention I make them myself by melting down scrap silver. I love recycling!

I have a nice collection of cabochons sitting here, all begging to be set. This stone is a piece of fossilized coral, which has a pattern that reminds me of jellyfish. It’s a lovely smokey gray with two amber spots. The silver balls around the setting make me think of bubbles, which seems really appropriate for my jellyfish stone.

I thought I’d take a picture of the setting in process for y’all. These shots show the piece soldered and pickled, before being sawed out. If I remember, I’ll take a couple-few more shots along the way. I’m excited about this one. Actually, I’m excited to be able to get back to my bench after this bout with the flu!