To Swim, Perchance to Dream

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Having grown up near the Great Lakes, I always assumed that huge bodies of fresh water were normal. What, doesn’t everybody have a freshwater lake large enough that you can’t see the other side?

Of course, now that I’ve lived in semi-arid climates for years, I really appreciate how incredible the Great Lakes are. It was great fun to take Andy around and see his reactions to them. I had no idea that 20% of the world’s fresh water flows through the Great Lakes. That’s an amazing amount of fresh water to me these days, what with the incredible drought we’ve been having in California for the last few years.

I found these funky soldiers on the north shore of Lake Erie in Port Stanley, Ontario. They greeted us on our morning walk on the beach. I think every morning should start with a walk on the beach. Now all I need is a beach…