Project Runway Challenge - Five

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I made this chunky silver “5” charm for the Etsy Metal Project Runway Challenge. The challenge this week was to incorporate the number five into a piece.

I fell in love with fontography and typography years ago in school. So even though we had the option to use five stones, or a pattern of five, I immediately went searching through fonts for a very cool number five. I wanted a modern look, and something that was wider at the ends, so I could put a thick ring around it and it couldn’t escape.

I love how architectural this is, and how it could be a 5, or an S, or a 2, or just a form. To give it a nice feeling of weight, I sawed it out of thick sterling silver sheet and sanded it to a nice satin finish. I’m looking forward to watching it develop a distressed look as it gets banged around every day on my wrist.