American Idol Auditions

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They’re holding American Idol auditions today just around the corner from here. I guess it was an early morning call for the masses - we woke up this morning to a trickle of not-very-awake people in spangly clothing wandering past our window with their Starbucks…

The security people very kindly let us in close enough to get some photos of this seriously cool boom camera, which they were using to get shots of “the screaming masses lined up to audition” which you see on the show.

You always get the impression on the show that the masses are incredibly excited to be there and screaming at the sight of the camera. But really it’s a guy with a megaphone going “OK, on the count of three, hold up your signs and scream!”

They’re doing the same thing in the ballpark now - presumably to get those “crowds of hopefuls screaming in the stands” shots that they need for the show. I can hear them giving instructions over the loudspeakers as I write this.

I always love getting a glimpse behind the curtain. That was my favorite part of working for Warner Bros. - getting to go behind the scenes and seeing how it all ticked.

There’s never a dull moment…