Call of the Wild

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I miss working with wolves. And tigers. And cougars. I suppose that’s not something you hear every day, but there you go. I do. Back a few years ago, when we lived in the mountains, I worked at a couple of different wildlife refuges. One was just 1/2 mile down the road from me. It’s not really glamorous work - mostly you’re feeding the animals, and shoveling poo in shapes you’ve never seen before. Did you know that llamas poo little pellets, like rabbits?

Not so many wildlife refuges in the city. I miss the wild places. I’m going to start a “back to the mountains” revolution in my own house one of these days.

But for now, let me introduce you to Erie, a wolf I took care of for a few months. No one else at my local refuge was trained to handle wolves, so he was all mine! He’s a really sweet boy. I used to go down and take naps with him at lunchtime, not something I’d recommend with any other wolf I’ve met. As you can tell, he can look really cuddly, or all wolf, depending on his mood. And yes, that really is me! Just back a few years, and wearing my slobby slobbies.