Yes Man

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I went out to dinner last night. Now I know this may not sound exciting to a lot of you, but it’s a big deal to me. You see, I have a confession to make. I’m a bona fide introvert. I’d make a wonderful hermit. I like nothing better than to sit alone at home and enjoy the quiet. Maybe with the dogs. And a cup of chai. In a cottage in the middle of the woods, in front of a wood burning stove. Of course I’m writing this while sitting in my condo in the middle of the city. Hey, at least I’m alone with the dogs. You can’t win them all.

I read this crazy book about a year ago. Andy bought it originally, and I picked it up in a moment of boredom. It’s by a British bloke named Danny Wallace. He’s a pretty funny guy. I read his previous book where he accidentally started a cult. So I thought this one showed a lot of promise.

After a chance conversation on a bus, Danny decided to say yes to whatever people asked him to do for a year. A lot of crazy things happened. But a lot of amazing things happened, too. Interesting things. Opportunities. Experiences.

Now, I have no intention of saying yes to everything. But I decided to run a little experiment of my own. Instead of just reflexively saying no to things, I’d say yes. Unless I could think of a good reason why I shouldn’t. And you know, I’ve met some pretty cool people. And gone to some interesting places. And done really wild things, like, you know, going out to dinner on a weekday. You should try it some time.