I Told You

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I told you I’d use these handmade flowers in a design soon. I sawed them out of silver sheet when I made my hawk necklace, just because, you know, sometimes a girl wants flowers. Then I tumble polished them and left them out on the table where they’d catch my eye until inspiration struck. And it did strike, oh yes indeedy!

After staring at the flowers for a few days, I realized I wanted them to dangle just under my earlobes. Nothing fancy, no fuss. These are lovely simple flowers, and the design had to be clean. So I strung them on 1/2” hoops. Had to redesign the closure on the hoops to work with such a small size hoop. I ended up with a spiral that loops around the end. Very sleek. Not that you can see the hook when you’re wearing them, but never let it be said that I’m anything but a perfectionist!

I haven’t taken these earrings out since I made them - I even sleep in them! I love the way the flowers spin around on the hoops, and how they hang just under my earlobes. Want a pair of your own? Don’t worry, they’ll be up in my Etsy shop soon.