Smooth Move of the Day

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So I’m out walking the dogs, on my way to mail out some orders. I step into the street, and zip! Some dizzy blonde runs a stop sign and accelerates her car across the intersection while putting up her hair with both hands. Which leaves, of course, no hands for the steering wheel.

Um, hello? Do you see me? You know, the chick standing in the street with the two red and white dogs and the arms full of packages? You know, the owner of those toes you nearly ran over? Oh yes, I see. You can’t see anything, because you’re looking at your knees while you build that ponytail.

If I ever stop posting, you’ll know the dizzy blonde won, and I am now a road pizza. Or one of the other bad drivers has smushed me. We have a lot of them. I’m thinking of mounting a traffic camera on my head as a deterrent. Think it’ll help?