Invaded by Madonna

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For most of you in the USA this is voting day, but for me, this is the day I will be invaded by Madonna. I sure hope I like what she’s playing these days, because I’m going to the concert, whether I like it or not. Why? Because it’s being held outside my window. If I lean my head out the window, I’ll be able to see the crowds. And should I actually want to see the concert, I should have a heck of a view from the roof.

I see you wondering about this (yes, I can see you from here). No, I don’t live near some huge concert venue. I do, however, live near the ballpark. Where Madonna is playing. Tonight. Playing music, that is. Not baseball. I guess her “League of Their Own” days are over…

They’ve had truckloads of strange plastic pieces outside the ballpark for days, because they’re paving over the field. The whole field. In white plastic squares. Wild.

So tonight, while the rest of you are watching election results on TV, think of me. I’ll be trying to hear the election results myself over the dulcet tones of… Madonna.

Mind you, as you can see, I woke up this morning to find that it’s pissing down with rain. Do you suppose she’ll be dancing on the stage in the pouring rain? Won’t she get electrocuted by her own microphone?

In case you’re wondering, that’s not just an artsy shot of the ballpark. That’s the view I get when I lean out of my French doors. You know, the right hand one where the blind doesn’t open.