The Arbiter of All Things Style

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I know you’ve been desperate to find out how my dress shopping went. And yes, I can confirm that I bought a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. A lovely swishy one with pink flowers. It just screams “I am a classy, sexy artist. I am the arbiter of all things style. Buy my designs!”

I also bought… (I’ll pause here so you can sit down)… heels. Real heels. Three inch heels. The kind I haven’t worn since high school. Poor Andy is gobsmacked by my new height (I am not a short girl even in flats). He’s never seen me in heels before. Add in some dress tape (something else I’ve never used) to keep my dress in place - and the party from becoming X rated - and I’m ready to go. Well, except I don’t have a purse. But hey, that’s why God made pockets in men’s pants. So they can carry my stuff around.

Of course, now I must create the ultimate piece of jewelry to feature above my cleavage. I’m working on a very hip 70s-inspired flower necklace. Here’s hoping it works, because I don’t have time to make it twice! I shall post a picture of it when I finish. Wish me luck…