Strange Crush

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“That’s Boris!” I yelled, pointing at the TV and nearly falling off the sofa. “I love Boris!”

I admit to having a strange crush on Boris Johnson. It started while watching his appearances on Have I Got News for You, and was cemented firmly during the closing ceremony for the Beijing Olympics, when he waved the Olympic flag wildly (and with a distinct lack of dignity) on stage.

I love Boris. He’s fabulous. I don’t know if it’s his British schoolboy ways (hello Eton and Oxford), his warped sense of humour, or his utter bluntness. Maybe it’s the name, too. Boris! How fantastic is that? It’s not every day you meet a Boris walking down the street.

OK, I’ll insert a little background here for the bewildered non-Brits in my audience. Currently the Mayor of London, Boris has also been a journalist, a magazine editor, and a Member of Parliament. Quite the public figure in England. And yet unlike most anyone you’d see in office in the States, he’s very, very eccentric. And very, very entertaining.

Boris is cuddly. Loveable. I want to take him home and feed him cookies. What can I say?

I shall try to embed a video, so you can all see the joy that is Boris. There are some great Paul Merton bits on there, too. I could wax lyrical about Paul Merton, but I’ll leave that for another day…