Random Acts of Strangeness

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I hear people talking about committing random acts of kindness. But they never seem to mention anything vaguely like these. Perhaps it’s true. Do you suppose I really am a little strange?

After eating out, I used to give away my leftovers to the first street person I passed. This all ended suddenly after the time when I effectively forced my leftovers on some poor girl who apparently wasn’t homeless (well, hey, she looked homeless to me). I couldn’t bear the shame of pulling that one twice, so I’m now forced to eat my own leftovers. Ah, the tragedy of it all…

I’m kind of an unofficial tourist Help Stand in motion. Whenever I’m walking around town, if I see lost and confused looking people, I’ll walk up to them and say “Can I help you?” I get some strange looks (and some people who eye me sideways like I might be a mugger, or a pick pocket), but a lot of people seem to appreciate it.

I can’t walk by an injured or lost animal without helping it. I’ve rescued everything from a HUGE bird (like a great blue heron, but white) to a hamster I found sitting on the side of the road. And then there was that time when I lived in Germany that I rescued a rodent (kind of equivalent to a squirrel) that had been hit by a car. I ended up flagging down a passing car with an English-speaking girl who led me to a local vet. The poor thing had to be put down (the rodent, not the girl), but at least it didn’t suffer any longer. Of course, I had to explain why I was late to work that day. I’m not sure they believed me on that one…