An Oscar Worthy Performance

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I know you’ve been desperately waiting for this photo, so here you go. I have indeed conquered the dreaded Office Christmas Party. Yes, in one short week I found the dress, the shoes, the bag, and the shawl, and made the necklace. And it all worked together! Ah, I am the queen of power shoppers.

On top of the stunning shopping performance I put in, I managed to play the executive’s wife at the party for two whole hours. Not my native habitat. I hope you’re all proud of me - it was an Oscar worthy performance.

And to add frosting to the cake, I picked up a bunch of new customers at the party, as well. Nothing like corporate women for sales! Now the dress goes back in the wardrobe with the shoes and bag, and I’m back in my jeans and tennies. I hope my new clothes like the dark, cos I think they’ll be in there for quite a while…