All About… Rugby?

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So last Saturday I actually left the house, went out, and watched… rugby. Yes, that would be international rugby, as in Rugby Sevens, which play once a year right next door to me. We ended up buying some tickets from a scalper, which I’ve never actually done before (how square am I?), because the party section was all sold out. And then when we got into the ballpark and looked at them, we realized they were military tickets. That’s right, the military now has their own scalpers.

Now that would be funny enough, but we happened to go with some gay friends. So there we are, me, Andy, and three very gay guys, in the front row of the military section, window shopping for hot rugby players. Well, the four of us were window shopping. Andy was laughing at us. Oh yes, and did I mention that these guys also play rugby? Which made the whole thing twice as entertaining, because they were trying to explain the game to me, but they kept getting all distracted. By the very hot players.

It’s been a while since I’ve window shopped with “the girls”. I’d forgotten how entertaining it can be. I used to end up in these situations much more often when I worked at Warner Bros., as our entire department was made up of women and gay men. Ah, the good old days. Every once in a while I miss that job. I mean, you haven’t lived until you’ve gone out after work with the guys to play drag queen bingo. But that’s a tale for another day…