Flowers and Bangles

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I got a lovely new shot of my Mod Flower necklace this week. I’m loving having photographs of my jewelry being worn. Of course, they’re mainly being worn by me, since I haven’t found any other models lounging around the place. (I tried to volunteer Andy, but he just didn’t bite.) But what the heck, I’m getting some pretty good self portraits for my Project 365, too. Anyway, I adore this necklace, which I designed to go with my designer dress for the fateful Christmas party. I get a ton of compliments (and new customers!) whenever I wear it.

The chunky bangles are pretty new in my shop. I’ll be selling them singly as well, once I get some photos. I’ve been fighting with the photos a bit - and they’ve been fighting back. This whole photographing bracelets thing has a bit of a learning curve. But I’m liking this “catalog” shot. The bangles are really fab. Very solid and chunky, good fun to wear, and they make a fantastic clunking noise when they swing together. No jingly skinny bangles here! Just big fabulous hammered sterling silver bangles.