Elbows and Earrings

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After three weeks of missing Krav class due to a sore elbow, I finally dragged myself off to the doctors. As I suspected, that punk kid hyperextended my elbow, and as a result I’m going to have to miss the whole next session of Krav. Which translates into 8 weeks off.

After being upset about this for a couple of days, I realized that having 8 weeks off of Krav was a huge opportunity. I can finally get that cartilage piercing I’ve been dreaming about. You see, I have to take all of my jewelry out several times a week for Krav class, or else risk having it ripped out when I’m grappling. Which would be really uncool. So I’d given up on getting any new piercings for another decade or so. But now I have 8 weeks off. I think I deserve a consolation prize, don’t you?

I was so excited, I pretty much went straight to the piercing shop to get this cartilage piercing (the top one). I was tempted to get my nose pierced, too (when will I have 8 weeks off again?), but I resisted.