Scavenger Hunt

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The Project 366-1 people set up a scavenger hunt this year. They came up with 75 themes, and if you want to play you need to find a photo for each one. I’m really enjoying it - it’s a bit like assignments in photography class. How liberally can I interpret this? Can I take the coolest photo? The funniest? The most unusual? Where can I go to find these photos? Can I find a better photo for that theme than I already have?

I spend an inordinant amount of time poring over the scavenger hunt list, trying to memorize it. I’d hate to miss a good photo op. Who knows when I’ll see a mural again, right?

I’d make y’all guess these, but you’ll never get them. So I’ll just tell you, instead. The top photo is “Rust”. They have these little covers embedded in the sidewalks all over the place in downtown San Diego. I was told it was to test the groundwater. Apparently we’re built on some kind of dump here. The middle photo is “Something Found”, which is a funny one anyway, because there are so many different things that could mean. But that floating shoe really caught my fancy. I can’t wait to see what people come up with for this one. The bottom shot is “Holiday”, and it’s a shot from the Martin Luther King Day parade.