Rainbows and Shrapnel

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I spent yesterday in the frantic pursuit of art. My new necklace design finally snapped into focus in my mind, and I suddenly, desperately needed to get it out of my head and into metal. This led to a crazy, 12 hour marathon workbench session, during which I barely surfaced to eat and drink. Poor Andy barely got a nod when he got home (at 9:00 pm he said “you haven’t said hi to me yet”, poor boy). But I’m overly ecstatic with the result, which is this gorgeous necklace.

I used that middle rainbow obsidian cabochon for this necklace - the small one with the violet and gold concentric circles. It’s crazy gorgeous. I’m going to have trouble letting these necklaces go, I can tell that now. Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, obsidian is a volcanic glass. Rainbow obsidian occurs when the bubbles line up just right while the lava is cooling, which causes it to refract light once it’s cut into a cabochon. No two cabochons are alike, and the ones I have are hand cut, so they’re not even the same size and shape. I’m going to have a lot of fun making these into necklaces. The only tricky part will be only keeping one of them.

Of course, my poor workbench looks like a bomb hit it. It took me a half hour just to clear this up today so that I could work. Yikes!

There are more pictures of this piece up on my Flickr page. Once I can drag myself away from my bench long enough to get a studio shot, it’ll be up in my shop, too.