You’re Looking for *what*?

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I have to hand it to you guys - you search for some crazy things on the Internet. I was glancing at my web stats yesterday, which show me how people find my blog, and I saw that someone had been looking for “totem poles made out of playdoh”.

Of course then I was dying of curiosity. What else have people have been searching for? So I immediately had to stop everything and page through the hundreds of search terms in my stats looking for gems.

Now I get a lot of people looking for Krav Maga, but “krav maga ‘my husband’” really made me laugh. Could you be a little more specific? Like, I don’t know, maybe his name would help?

Some of them are just weird, like “eyeballs falling out dream” and “i can fly by flapping my arms”.

Out of all of them, though, this one was the standout, hands-down winner:

how to make llama poop earrings


I bet the people at Google have lists of these all over the office…