Down the Rabbit Hole

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I’ve disappeared down the rabbit hole of photography this week. Between processing the shots I took on vacation and going through the shots that Tasha my favorite model sent to me, I feel like Jimmy Jett (a la Shel Silverstein). I may grow a power cord tail and turn into a computer monitor.

The top shot is the Cirque du Soleil tent in Old Montreal. When we checked into our hotel and realized we could see the Cirque right out our window, we had to go grab some last minute tickets to their new show OVO. I am a huge Cirque fan. Besides, I saw the first Harry Potter movie in London. I had to see the Cirque at least once in Montreal, right? So let’s not discuss how much those tickets cost. Cost? What’s that? I’m sure those must have been free…

As for the shots Tasha sent me, this is the fabulous Tasha modeling my Sprouted Nose Ring. Obviously she’s a woman with exquisite taste and style,not to mention an excellent photographer. You can find other shots of her scattered throughout the listings on my Etsy page, particularly in the cartilage hoops and nose studs sections.