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I’ve spent the past several weeks collaborating with Anna, a customer of mine, on a custom necklace. She picked the stone, sent me some sketches, approved the mock-up for the setting, and picked the metals and clasp.

We ended up with this design - a hand-cut rainbow obsidian cabochon set in sterling silver with a fine silver bezel and rose gold “purse handle”. I hung it from an oxidized sterling silver chain with two handmade rose gold links and a handmade sterling silver toggle clasp. I took a few photos along the way so Anna could follow the progress of the piece.

A mock-up of the purse handle design.

The soldered setting in sterling silver with a fine silver bezel and a rose gold purse handle.

Oxidizing the peacock with a hard boiled egg.

The finished piece.

I absolutely love how this necklace came out. The rose gold was a touch of genius. Thanks Anna!