Bench Madness

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It’s been a while since I posted a shot of madness that is my workbench. Surprisingly, it looks cleaner to me in the photo than it does in real life!

For those of you who are Moo card fans, note the strategic use of old Moo card boxes to keep things organized. (They’re the small white plastic boxes in the top left corner, tucked in next to my lamp just above the orange hose from my torch and below my punches.) One is full of bits for my Flexshaft, one is full of little 2”x2” bags which have my handmade components (jump rings, melted silver balls, toggles, etc.), and one has silver scrap. Those have helped organize the madness quite a bit.

The blue ceramic bowl of water is from back in the day when I used to throw pottery. It makes a great bowl for quenching hot metal - the bottom is heavy enough that it doesn’t tip over easily.